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What We Do

At Procter and Callahan, LLC, we have more than twenty years of combined experience to meet the legal needs of our clients. We not only provide our clients with basic estate planning documents, such as wills, trusts, financial and health care powers of attorney, but we also provide expertise and assistance to the following clients:.

Elder Law

We assist seniors and the disabled, their families and caregivers with legal issues surrounding retirement planning, asset distribution, diminished capacity, Medicaid, and home health or long term care. We understand the special attention required when working with elderly and disabled clients.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a service we encourage for clients of all ages. Anyone with minor children should consider planning to nominate a guardian for their children or potentially setting up a trust for the care of minor or disabled children. As we age, advance planning is even more critical to ensure that our wishes are legally documented and will be enforced if at some time we are unable to make decisions for ourselves. Planning for care and financial needs can often make family transitions smoother.

Probate Administration

When a loved one passes, the estate assets need to be distributed. We can help you determine whether probate documents need to be filed and help you navigate the required actions for probate administration.

Probate Litigation

Procter and Callahan encourages communication and prevention of litigation. However, when disputes arise about the validity of wills and trusts, the proper individual to serve as guardian or caregiver, or when assets are missing without explanation, we can help you seek a remedy.

Medicaid Planning

Seniors and their families or caregivers often need assistance to plan for home health or long-term care. There are a lot of myths about the requirements for Medicaid. Procter and Callahan can help you navigate the requirements and will be as involved as you would like with the Medicaid process. Our involvement can be limited to a consultation or as extensive as helping you fill out the application.

Guardianships / Conservatorships

As our loved ones age, we may need to be more involved in their care. Sometimes this requires appointment as a guardian or conservator to care for someone with a disability or diminished capacity. Procter and Callahan, LLC is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. We work with clients and families throughout the Northern Colorado region.

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